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“Many people dream of having an abundance of love and sex and friendship. Some believe that such a life is impossible and settle for less than they want, feeling always a little lonely. . . . A few, though, persist and discover that being openly loving, intimate, and sexual is not only possible but can be more rewarding than they every imagined.“
-Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy in The Ethical Slut

Marcia Baczynski has a free eBook featuring the top four mistakes people make when opening relationships and strategies to avoid them. It’s available at her site, Successful Nonmonogamy.

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There are many forms of intimate expression and some, traditionally, have been considered more acceptable than others. I approach intimacy in an inclusive and expansive manner, taking into account all forms of expression with both acceptance and understanding. I work with individuals and couples who want to be confident that their lifestyle will be accepted as well as with those who are questioning or investigating different lifestyles. 

For some people, monogamy is not the most viable model for relationships. This may lead to seeking intimacy outside of their monogamous relationships, be it cheating or finding other ways to meet social, emotional, and intellectual needs that may challenge their partner and their relationship. However, monogamy is not the only way to have relationships. Non-monogamous relationships have existed throughout history and polyamory, in its many forms, has become a more common and regular topic of discussion in the last 20 years.

Whether you just want a therapist who is open to the concept of kink- or poly-oriented relationships or you want someone who can help with the nitty gritty of defining and maintaining boundaries, asking for and getting what you want and need in relationships, and having more satisfying relationships, I can help. If you are in a monogamous relationship, these skills are just as important for lasting and satisfying connections as they are for those in open and kink relationships. I can work with you to achieve wholeness in your connections.

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